aima martin
Paris, Tombola1, 2018

Self-taught artist, enrolled in various Art Schools in Valencia and at the University of Fine Arts of the Basque Country, Aima Martin, Spanish artist living in Castro Urdiales, Cantabria preferred to continue her artistic career without completing her studies. Her first important exhibitions were held in London in 1997 and in Spain in 2008. Her professional development is linked to new communication technologies, Aima Martin is a specialist in the message of the image and alternative teaching, based on creativity.  Educated since she was a child in various esoteric philosophies she has thus focused her pictorial work on deepening the understanding and foundation of the Human Being. First captivated by Dalí, by Picasso’s blue age and finally reading, the spiritual in art, and Kandinsky’s statement, she now works on finding the intrinsic nature of Being, trying to rescue and present the Values that make us Human.

AIma Martin has participated to many art exhibitions and art fairs in Spain, England, The Netherlands and, from 2018 in Paris, France with Monteoliveto Gallery.

In 2018 she was invited by Monteoliveto Gallery to participate in the Tombola exhibition interpreting the number 25, Xmas. There she has intervened with Transition, a mixed media artwork with the goal of putting human values on the spotlight, showing, the current situation of her country where some people even lack food. Where keeping false appearances with Apple smartphones, continuing to believe that Newton’s Force of Gravity is the only one and that Eve’s Original of Sin is that of women is what society dictates. With the aim of moving on towards a new knowledge, as how in Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the chance to celebrate the TRANSITION to a new way of knowledge.

In 2020 AIma Martin will be part in December of the ROOTS exhibition in Paris, curated by Monteoliveto Gallery.


Selected works