Alexandra Kordas

Alexandra KORDAS

Love my life - 2021 100x100cm.

Love my life - 2021 100x100cm.

Between heaven and hell, life and death, joy and pain – the works of art by Alexandra Kordas address the rift between redemption and damnation. Her leitmotif, the Christ Cross, sets powerful impulses in her works as a symbolism for the confrontation.

“My art comes from the depths of the soul and does not need to be constructed,” comments Alexandra Kordas, who only created her first artwork in 2018 and has not put down her brush since. The trigger for this creative boost was an illness of her son two and a half years ago, which she held at home for weeks. Lonely and frustrated, she suddenly felt a deep desire to become artistically active. She listened to her inner voice and started. From that moment on, she never stopped painting and created paintings, sculptures and installations in many ways, in various forms and materials. The inspiration for her works of art comes mainly directly from her soul. Alexandra Kordas wakes up at night and sees her next motif in front of her. Current social and political hotspots of our world play a major role in this, as do current spiritual, emotional and intellectual influences………………………….

Alexandra KORDAS   is represented by Monteoliveto Gallery from  2022 . She will be exhibited in S’mart Aix.  Art Fair.

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