andrea lu

Andrea LU

Born in 1985 in France in Essonne (91), Andrea Lu is a self-taught artist. She lives in Hauts-de-Seine.

After many and long studies in fields as diverse as they are varied (ancient history and archeology of Southeast Asia, Asian languages, town planning, geomatic engineering, psychology, …),  the changes that her chronic diseases induce on her life which encouraged her to express herself thanks to the first of her passions: drawing.

Since 2018, when her health allows it, she has devoted herself to drawing, writing (science fiction) and painting.The anatomy of the human body, illness, physical or psychological suffering inspire her, as much as the emotions provided by the journey of women in their mother’s life, as well as the fulfillment resulting from the observation of nature, of her travels and encounters across Asia.

Meditator since childhood (in a spiritual framework), curious about everything and passionate about nature and its benefits, Andrea has always felt concerned by what prevents the attainment of the state of happiness.Her health problems led her to make precious encounters which allowed her to calmly realize the importance of living fully in this larger space which allows the mediation of body and mind.

And it is precisely within her creations that we can find the influence of meditation and breathing, which she practices at the very moment she creates. Her works, which may seem messy or confused at first glance, deconstruct, question and rest the visions of the mind on the feeling before reconstructing a balance between body and mind.

In 2020, after having been part of the Rentrée des Galeries September art event in Paris, Andrea Lu participates in the Monteoliveto Gallery exhibition “Graphica 2” devoted to graphic works and organized by MG Paris at the Yellow Cube Gallery in Paris.


Selected works