Antonia Bufi

Antonia Bufi (born in Terlizzi 1983 residing in Molfetta), graduated as an accountant at the Commercial Technician of Molfetta, enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari where she graduated with top marks in Decoration Visual Arts Disciplines of the show, with degree thesis in Decoration Techniques and Technologies.  In 2007 she opened Bufi Antonia’s Visual Arts Atelier where she experimented with various techniques. Lover of Pop Art and photo-graphic painting in her artistic career she dwells on the “I” on “herself” and beyond. Her first works are essentially graphic, after which she feels the need to experiment and get involved with the figurative. She experiments with photography with acrylic, watercolour, oil on various supports and she presents herself as a performer. During her artistic career, she participates in various exhibitions and competitions in Italy and abroad, carries out artistic workshops at public and private schools.

From 2017 Antonia Bufi is a resident artist of Monteoliveto Gallery and her works are exhibited in international art fairs in Europe (Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain) exhibiting her series “Infinite Space Move Little Planet” and “Remove People” and in the gallery project exhibitions “Cities of Europe” in Paris, Milan, London and in the island of Capri a juried art exhibition presenting her mixed media polymateric installation “Calma apparente”, an autobiographical work, where the artist retracts herself into a state of apparent calm, against human reality, all around an almost Zen void; we perceive there the intimate poetic essence of the work and its artistic research, immolated on the edge of a ravine, one step away from fading. The dazzling light around her is a symbol of energy, her dress, deliberately white, includes all the colours of the luminous spectrum, a border that marks the beginning of the vital phase, a symbol of purity of silence, of calm …. ..apparent.



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