astrid charlotte wintgens
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Astrid Charlotte Wintgens was born in Duisburg, near Düsseldorf in Germany. She graduated in Textile Design and Art at the Werkkunstschule Krefeld (1989-1994). Afterwards, she learned Webdesign and worked as a Multimedia Conceptionist (2000/2001). She took over classes in the Media Academy Düsseldorf, to teach basics of design between 2001-2005. Next to her work as an artist, Astrid Charlotte Wintgens started in 2019 a master class at the Freie Kunstakademie Augsburg under the mentorship of Prof. Jo Bukowski. She is currently working as an artist in Switzerland and Germany. Prior to that, she also assisted in stage design and the creation of costumes for actors in London. New artist of the gallery after having exhibited in Paris with Monteoliveto Gallery in 2018 at the Tombola exhibition, she is part of the art events of the gallery in the 2020 Roots exhibition in Paris and in the 2021 Aix en Provence Art Fair. The fabulous textures and hues of her artworks result in powerful ideas. Astrid Charlotte’s goal is to capture emotional and impressive moments on photo and in painting. She enjoys working with different materials and techniques, always curious for new ways. One recent example of a promising combination is digital photography with handcraft. Astrid Charlotte Wintgens exhibited alone and as part of group exhibitions in Paris, Monaco, Rome, Bruges,Vienna, Venice, Milan, Buenos Aires and in Düsseldorf.



Selected works