Benny de Grove

As I am a lover of the old Greek Area and painters as Rembrandt, Van Eyck, Carravagio, it is no wonder that somehow…. underneath the work I make, the influence of those has some impact in my work.
Especially I love the drama and light in these works.
A second big influence in my work are the Surrealist Magritte and symbolist expressionist Ensor (both lived and worked in my homecountry : Belgium)
Many of my works are slightly anecdotal.
My believe in a better world, a nature and people we have to take care of and respect equally, is somehow a red line in my work.
Although sometimes i like my pictures to have something to bring a smile out, most of my work is quite critical or  about our way of living.
My work has been printed on different materials and some were printed as a triptych (Van Eyck: who was working in my hometown).
The preferred material I work on lately and is also the case for these pictures is Haghnemulle paper, although not all require that paper.
My latest work is being a mixture of original studio pictures and new backgrounds of several different origins to bring out the feeling I am looking for.



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