carla kleekamp

Carla Kleekamp (Pays-Bas)

Most of her work consists of engravings, collages, watercolors and drawings. In general the themes of her work relate to the ceaseless subjugation of nature and its exploitation by man. Both in her engravings and in her drawings, the pure line remains  the most important means of expression. One-to-one lessons from a Chinese teacher and a scholarship for a visit to Japan have really stimulated her work.

The original finesse, such as it has manifested throughout history in oriental art, and which for various reasons is far removed from what is shown in our reproductive society, has obtained new chances in the graphic work by artist Carla Kleekamp. In a way her way of working can be compared to that of Chinese and Japanese engravers, who for centuries have worked in a great tradition. Her graphic work is placed between East and West and is linked by many lines to modern life. (Frans Duister in Kunstbeeld 4/95).

Her stylistic means belong to realism, but her subjects regularly escape it. (Ad van der Blom in Hedendaagse prentkunst in Nederland – Elsevier).

Carla Kleekamp is represented by Monteoliveto Gallery from 2017 participating to 3 important Project Art Events within the Project of the Gallery Cities of Europe in Paris: Contemporary ’17 in 2017, Neapolitan Tombola in 2018, both at the Galerie Etienne de Causans and GraPHica 2 in 2020 a project with MGParis, at Yellow Cube Gallery


Selected works