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I like alcohol

Chan Suk On - I like alcohol

Chan Suk On was born and lives in Hong Kong. She graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Photographic Design. She gained her Masters of Arts in Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. On is an editor, photographer and artist. She is inspired by everyday life experiences. Her journey is going from documentary photography to conceptual art. She has participated in expos in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Italy and United States.

Chan Suk On uses the packages and boxes of surgical face masks which come from United States, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom. She doesn’t know the Japanese and Korean language. So, she uses the translator apps to understand what they say. In Hong Kong, she can buy some alcohol swabs which come from Indonesia 75% of alcohol swabs are essential to her life to kill the virus. These are her experiences in these strange times. She tries to develop the sculpture which is mixed with these packages to give her peace of mind.

Chan Suk On  is represented by Monteoliveto Gallery from 2021 participating in November in the PARIS (France) exhibition “Never Give Up!”. In 2022 Chan Suk On will be exhibited in GHENT (Belgium) Art Fair.

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