danisa glusevic ferreira
Danisa, Vesuvio, 2018

Danisa Glusevic Ferreira Born in Santiago Chile, her images are a process of discovering the many elements that help create our inner world. Nature and its symbols are represented in some of her works. She takes fragments of landscape images and use these memories, which are very important, to create an abstraction and to propose a new vision of her art. Interested in the human body., organic shapes touch her deeply and help her to represent feelings and pain. The texture and graphic elements represent the origins of the universe and cultures. Danisa Glusevic intends to take a visual approach and express the primitive sound of our world. Her images are the process of discovery, Nature and Symbols, Landscape and Memory are very important, the images she captures through her mind achieve an abstraction and a new representation, which give her back the response of feelings and pain. The texture and the graphic element represent the origins of the Universe and cultures, to represent a visual approach and express the sound of this world. The color is worked in contrast with the atmosphere, the water or the fluid element ; the rest is integrated in several ways, to express matter and fluidity.

Danisa Glusevic has been represented by Monteoliveto Gallery in 2016 at the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and then in Paris Contemporary Art Fair (France) in 2017. At the end on 2017, she was part of the Paris exhibition in rue de Seine « Contemporary ‘17 » curated by Monteoliveto Gallery.

In 2018 Danisa Glusevic has been selected to be part of the 19 artists in the 2nd edition 2017/2020 of the MadforNaplesandfor SommaVesuvio Gallery Project. The closing event will be hosted in May/June 2021 by the Sala Delle Carceri in the prestigious Castel dell’Ovo in the bay of Naples.

Website: www.danisaglusevic.com

Selected works