debra trafton
TRAFTON photo Naples

Debra L. Trafton American artist, lives and works in the State of Maine on the eastern coast of the United States; she is an eclectic artist, who is just as proficient in watercolor painting, knife painting with acrylic and more recently the sculpture, on any type of support, from canvas to quality paper passing through wood and adding a touch of liveliness later with the metal sheet. Selected by Monteoliveto Gallery in 2015 for the 22 Artists MADforNAPLES 1st edition, she was then represented in 2018-2019 by MG at contemporary art fairs in France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland and in the Cities of Europe projects in Paris (2017-2020) and the Juried exhibition in Capri island (2017). Her painting seeks to captivate the architectural splendor of our cities, institutions and places of connections and at the same time she also seeks an inexorable link with Nature and its colors. Color has a primordial and central place in her painting, a very Journey into Color as she expresses in the recent Paris solo exhibition through the sensations and emotions that arise from her travels and the landscapes she discovers there.


PARIS Trafton catalogue-Journey into Color.pdf

PARIS Trafton catalogue-Journey into Color.pdf

Selected works