dominique jeanne benguigui

Dominique Jeanne Benguigui is a painter that lives and works in Paris. It is in the taste of journey, of the adventure and of the far away that the work of this artist origins. The choice of the artisanal paper from everywhere in the world and the use of oil pastels are determinant for the creation of the artwork whose colors allow all the matter metamorphosis. The artist has exhibited her work since more than 40 years in galleries and different life-places and it is particularly appreciated in Japan and United States. The encounter with two artists : Michel Tri, painter and Viviane Ambre for the sculpture has been decisive in her learning and for discovering her own creator universe.

In 2020 Dominique Jeanne Benguigui has participated in the first exhibition by Monteoliveto Gallery and curated by MG Paris dedicated  to Witches, entitled Sorcièr.e.s at the Yellow Cube Gallery in Paris. Daughters or sons of the devil, heretics, evil spirits, some examples of the names we have been able to give to Witches and Wizards throughout history but who were these almost mythical characters really? They have been symbols of Evil, of sin, of danger, but they are also associated with communion with Nature, with healing, with Anti-conformism and more recently with Feminism. These figures were therefore naturally an important source of inspiration for Art and they still are today.

Dominique Jeanne Beguigui was part of this exhibition presenting the work of contemporary artists who focus on all aspects, descriptions, reappropriations of this “bewitched” world to give us their vision.

This first exhibition was followed by a second Parisian MG Paris exhibition GraPHica 1, at Yellow Cube Gallery dedicated to Graphic works.


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