eloise de susanne

At 17, Eloïse de Susanne leaves for a journey to Australia where she discovers the land and the history of a mysterious people. Back in France, she devoted herself to her studies at the School of Fine Arts in Gennevilliers and launched into painting spontaneously, and after a year at the School of Fine Arts in Grenoble. At 27, she flew to the tropical and mixed-race island of Reunion, where she met again, warm human and musical encounters, a diversity of cultures she translates pictorially into an imaginary reality, building a dreamlike world. At 32, she returns to Paris where she will miss light, but she will enjoy the artistic explosion Parisian squats and a world of meetings, concerts, happening, exhibitions and performances, and today at the 100 collective workshop in Paris, an intense place to paint and exchange, she continues her pictorial research between movement, spontaneity, ardor and precision drawing. She tries to build a sensitive thread between what she perceives and what surrounds her, nourished by her experiences, her meetings, her experiences. From 2018 Eloise de Susanne is represented in France and in Europe by Monteoliveto Gallery in Contemporary Art Fairs in Paris, Lausanne, Mulhouse, Ghent, Luxembourg and in 3 great special exhibitions in Paris and London.

Website: https://eloise-desusanne.wixsite.com/eloise-desusanne

Selected works