eric blanc

Éric Blanc is a French photographer who adds an ethereal and mysterious dimension to his photographs. Forms of women who vaporize in diaphanous transparencies placed in a surreal environment, or liquefy in lyrical evanescences above the superimposed images of birds in flight, sunsets, skies, pianos and trees. Woman becomes a metaphor for the mind, like a soul flying high in the sky with limitless sounds. With their powerful lyric and dreamy connotations, Eric Blanc’s photographs are like a modern revisitation of romanticism, discreet in its meanders in the misty and secret gardens. Memory, dreams, silences and reflections envelop his ethereal women in the midst of musical notes and stars; women who are enveloped in their cold pain, women who are faced with the harsh machinery of modernity or an innate purity, which always remains their essence. Indeed, his photographs are ultimately a metaphor for life and a tribute to women.

Art Critic by Giampaolo Trotta OpenArtCode Florence / Studio Abba

Eric Blanc exhibits regularly in France and abroad (Monaco, Spain, Italy, …).

In 2019 he was invited by Monteoliveto Galelry to take part to the B&W Photography Exhibition “Through Your Lens” with his project A Fleur d’Ailes. In 2020 he will be represented by Monteoliveto Gallery in the 15th edition of the International Art Fair in Aix en Provence Le Smart’.



Selected works