Fabrizio Fontana

Fontana’s artistic world is essentially built around the Joke. If his mind with humour and derision can maintain the innocence of childhood, the artist is infinitely more subtle and profound than it seems. His paintings, his sculptures, his installations, reusing all the codes of the playful sphere, ask themselves on a more serious and more difficult everyday life. When art becomes play, Fontana pulls its threads. (Colette Pagès) and follows an artistic path where the joke is the “king”, drawing from the purest and most direct human creativity with the pure and creative weapons of a child.  Emerging artist from Salento, and resident artist of the gallery since 2013, he had great success with his Giganteschio who, with Monteoliveto Gallery, has travelled the most important contemporary art exhibitions in France and Europe and has “found a home” from a Mulhouse collector. His irreverent path continued in 2014 with his first solo show in Nice (France), curated by Monteoliveto Gallery, entitled “Il faut jouer pour devenir sérieux” is full of ideas, surprises and Jokes. Recent works and installations are his FONTProject and his new LogoProject.

Website: https://www.fontanaf.com

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