fernando braune
Fernando Braune POR VITOR VOGEL

Visual Brazilian artist exhibitions in Rio, London, New York, Lisbon, Florence, Barcelona, fascinated by people and their environment, he aims to decontextualize the modern day realities constructed by the cultural, social and psychological tides of territory and belonging. Working at the edge of the delineation between tradition and contemporary art, he realizes multi-layered images with a 3D effect and a strong feeling of space and movement. The purity of the intense colours he lays over his compositions in black and white and the graphic clarity of each image give his works a power to topics within a vibrant image that nevertheless retains a dynamic connection with the real world. Winner of the Special Lega Navale Naples award in the Contest Prize for Contemporary Art 2014, he has participated with the gallery in Nice in the exhibition dedicated to Cinema and Jazz and will be represented by MG in the upcoming fairs in Nice and Mulhouse. Braune is working on an on going Project in a slum in Niterói – Rio de Janeiro. It is an orchestra comprised of Young people who live in the community and has low conditions but great passion for classical music. The 50% of the sellings is donated to the Project. Author of the books ” Surrealism and the Aesthetics of Photographic”, “Cinema and the Photographic Language” et “Temporalis”


fernando braun

was born in Nova Friburgo, state of Rio de Janeiro, in 1957. As a graduate in chemical engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), he simultaneously began to attend numerous courses relating to art history, art critic and art philosophy. In 1983 he backpacked for 40 days with his photography equipment covering a large area of Brazil, having begun his journey at a fishing village in Cabo Frio (RJ), going up to the north of Piauí, traveling through all the interior of the northeastern states, visiting Minas Gerais and returning to Rio to open his first individual exhibition “Aqui Brasil” (Here Brazil), at the Art Center in Nova Friburgo. From then on a cycle of generation of images emerged, which is continuously developing without interruption up to the present date. In 1999 he was selected by the “Seleção Nacional de Portfólios (FUNARTE) (National Portfolio Selection of the National Art Foundation of Brazil), where he took part in his first photographic installation, using materials such as threads, fabrics and organic materials worked with the photographic images, showing a clear poetic influence by the Bispo do Rosário and Edmilson. There follow several photographic installations, always combining photographic impressions with fabrics and the use of several materials found in daily life, reconstructed in their new photographic settings. In 2004 he was invited to act as curator of the event entitled “Olhares Fotográficos” (A Photographer’s View) at the Usina Cultural in Nova Friburgo, which convened renowned photographers and visual artists from all over the country for presentations, exhibitions, portfolio critics and debates over visual arts, which event remained active until 2009. Still in 2009 the art gallery “Mali Villas-Boas” began to represent him in São Paulo until 2011 when the art gallery “Agora Gallery” in Chelsea (NY) took over representation, which continues up to this date. From this partnership sprung annual exhibitions at the Agora Gallery, which gave him visibility for exhibitions in cities such as London, Lisbon, Florence, Cannes as well as frequent invitations to show his work in other cities. During this period Fernando published three books: “O Surrealismo e a Estética Fotográfica”, “Temporalis” and “O Cinema e a Linguagem Fotográfica”, which in turn led to numerous talks on the respective subjects in several art and culture centers, including the participation as orator in the event “O Surrealismo”, at the prestigious Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB) in Rio de Janeiro, which was sponsored by the French government. Fernando’s work has been published in several international magazines and art books and he continues his journey in the production of images, currently focusing on impressions in cotton paper with direct interference on the images with pastels and acrylic paint, which are followed through via computer, creating a parallel universe to the one we live in, transporting his characters to a fun world to which we embark together when in contact with his images.

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