fernando braune

Fernando Braune is a Brazilian visual artist. He attended several courses related to Art Criticism, Philosophy and Art History. Fascinated by people and their surroundings, his works aim to decontextualize the modern-day realities constructed by the cultural, social and psychological tides of territory and belonging, wrenching viewers out of a ‘state of sleep’.  Fernando Braune proposes to bring photography to some of its traditional aspects, while simultaneously linking them to the contemporary world of the computer: images photographed in black and white are printed on cardboard, hand-worked with dry pastel, oil and watercolour. Other images in colour are made and altered by computer before being combined with the black and white pictures as “collages”, edited and printed on 100% cotton paper (Hanemule 380g paper). Winner of the Naples Naval League Special Prize in the 2014 Contemporary Art Competition, he has participated with Monteoliveto Gallery in the exhibitions in Nice gallery dedicated to Cinema and Jazz and is represented by MG in many contemporary art exhibitions and fairs in Europe.  From 2015 he has also participated to art exhibitions in the Monteoliveto Gallery Project Cities of Europe in Milan, Naples, London and Paris. Recently in the 2019 B&W Photography exhibition Through Your Lens  during the mois de la Photo in Paris, he showed his project Gender Liturgy, with a very special technique, penetrating the fabric on which the images are anchored, through thread and needle, in an attempt to “rewire” the ties with people, reconnect their bonds, weave their roots again, since the act of sewing as a liaison brings us to our deepest roots. Author of the book “Querubins da grota”, a recent publication with the presentation of Monteoliveto Gallery.


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Selected works