fulvio tornese

Fulvio Tornese

Fulvio all'opera _la posta in gioco_

Born in Lecce (Italy) in 1956, artistic training in the painter and graphic designer Giancarlo Moscara’s studio; after the diploma from Arts High School, he was graduated with honours in Architecture from the University of Florence in 1982. His activity as a painter has been going on since his debut, with formal researches focused on urban landscapes and fragments of imaginary cities, and the use of both traditional and innovative techniques. Selected for the exhibition of  Italian art organized by the Italian Embassy in Kuwait for the 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, his large formats were then chosen to take part in the 5thEdition of  the International Contemporary Art Festival in Beijing where he had in 2011 a personal exhibition at Beijing’s Today Art Museum, Italy Point.   As resident artist of Monteoliveto Gallery, he has participated the most important contemporary art fairs in France (Strasbourg, Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux, Mulhouse, Aix en Provence) and in Europe (Principality of Monaco, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Ghent, Antwerpen, Luxembourg, Lausanne). Its formal references can be found in the Italian twentieth century tradition, contaminated by Pop Art and comics. His research focuses on urban landscapes: fragments of imaginary cities altered by oblique perspectives and inhabited by solitary figures. His works – made with traditional techniques on supports such as canvas, paper and board – range from monumental altarpieces to small formats on board and multilayer paper; the production of multiples is also carried out on tablets, and printed in a limited edition.  His works can be found in public, private and corporate collections.

Website: http://www.fulviotornese.com/pitture/

 Selected works