Irena Prochazkova

Irena Prochazkova


I have had a special relationship with fine art since childhood. I was influenced by the Czech academic painter Bedriska Uzdilová and the Czech academic painter Teodor Buzu, who taught me to paint, to perceive and feel colors. I’ve been interested in the works and painting techniques of old masters such Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and Monet.

I try to see the world positively and therefore I have been using a wide range of colours which you can see in my paintings. I choose themes which come from my own experiences, current visions and feelings.

Figurative  or portraits themes have always been a key point in my work. Inspired by the movies motif, I painted the artwork called “Shower.”

I often create works from various fields of interest, I combine real painting with abstraction. At the moment, I am attracted to topics from the social sphere, problems that I would like to draw attention to with my work.

In recent years, I have been using a technique of painting on black canvas. The motifs on the black canvas are stronger and look more vivid.

Irena Prochazkova   is represented by Monteoliveto Gallery from  2022 . She will be exhibited in GHENT (Belgium) Art Fair.

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