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Jana Kamila MASIK

Birth in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Jana Kamila Masik is an incredibly interesting person as well as a skilled painter. After high School graduation she followed School of Applied Arts in Zelezny Brod, Czechoslovakia and graduated in Design, History of Art, Glass, Chemistry. Then she followed in Prague the Academy of Arts – Department for Monumental Painting, and then the Royal Academy in Stockholm with a diloma in Fine Arts.

Jana left for Sweden after the Soviet occupation where she continued to study art while professionally restoring colored glass for the Uppsala Cathedral.

After a few years of concentrating on Scandinavian motifs, she began to long for that fascinating southern French light she decided to move. She found an old, abandoned house looking over the Pyrenées and dedicated her time to restoring the half-ruined building, transforming herself from a typical city girl to an almost mystical, romantic nature lover in the process. Her art also changed and people fell in love with her misty motifs of ancient mountain villages and vineyards.

Represented by various fine art galeries in Sweden, France and Spain, Jana Masik had many solo and collective exhibitions throughout Europe and USA. Her paintings are in several private and public collections and she has won multiple awards for her art, some of which is in museums throughout Europe.

In 2018 Jana Masik has been invited by Monteoliveto Gallery to be one of the 19 artists in the 2nd edition 2017/2020 of the MadforNaplesandforSommaVesuvio Gallery Project. The closing event will be hosted in May/June 2021 by the Sala Delle Carceri in the prestigious Castel dell’Ovo in the bay of Naples.

Website: http://www.masik.se

Selected works