jenifer carey
Jenifer_Carey_Jennie en el estudio (29)

Jenifer Carey is a British artist who lives and works in Madrid, Spain.
Her work has appeared in galleries and exhibitions around the world, including Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, London and New York.
As well as collective exhibitions, she has had a number of individual exhibitions in galleries around Spain and one of her works is on display in the SpanishNational Library.
In the late 1990s she received several grants from the Franz Masereel Foundation in Belgium which enabled her to develop her printing skills, and although she works in different materials, her current focus is on oils, prints and sculpture. She is permanent artist in the Galleria 360 in Florence.
She has experimented t with many methods of plastic expression and she works in oil, sculpture or print, capturing the instant, influenced by Matisse and hissecret of expression through colour.  Her love for music has enabled her to capture the movement and the atmosphere in oil as well as in sculpture in her metal musicians.
During the lock-down she has realized 2 new prints, an oil representing the confinement and a new wire sculpture .
In 2020 she has been invited by Monteoliveto Gallery to exhibit her new large oils and sculptures in the New Contemporary Mediterranean Art Fair in Aix en Provence, France, in September.
Some of her prints have decorated the set of the film ‘King Midas’s favourites’ produced by Netflix; she has also designed the cover for some publications available at and she has written an article for ARTisSpectrum magazine, Art Beat.



Selected works