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Kerstin KAGER1

Kerstin Kager was born in Graz in Austria in 1966. She studied French and German in her hometown and is a trained painting and design therapist. Her intensive approach to colors and her love for art developed very early. The secret of colors, shapes and shadow play exerts a tremendous fascination on them. Sketches of trips, encounters and nature are realized in the studio. Painting in oil is the focus of her work. Motifs are landscapes, people and animals that the Austrian paints colorfully or even in black and white. Since 1997 Kerstin Kager has presented her extensive work in various exhibitions in Austria and France. She currently lives and works in Wels in Upper Austria. In 2020 and 2021 Kerstin Kager becomes part of the resident artists of Monteoliveto Gallery, Nice (France) and participate to art events, art fairs and to the 2nd edition of MadforNaples Project of the Gallery.

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