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Born in San Bonifacio (VR) in 1974, Lucia Amalia Maggio began her artistic training at the age of 24, first at the Accademia di Belle Arti Cignaroli in Verona, then at ClasAV in Venice, where she attended workshops with Carlos Basualdo, Grazia Toderi, Cesare Pietroiusti, Joseph Kosuth, Antoni Muntadas, Hans Ulrich Obrist. Eclectic and curious, convinced that every field of knowledge is a fundamental part in the process of creating a work, she is constantly updated in the field of contemporary arts through courses, workshops and collaborations, among which we should mention “Liberiamo la principessa” by Silvia Petronici, RAM Eretria workshop by CTRLZAK studio, Fifth GAP workshop with Beatrice Catanzaro and Lucio Nardi.
The artist has realized many environmental installations starting from site-specific projects that tend to analyse the context in order to visualize the systems of relationship established between the elements of a system of which man is an integral part.
In 2014 her solo exhibition Systèmes d’Orientation dans le Voyage curated by Monteoliveto Gallery was presented with great success and emotion by Carolina Lio in the gallery in Nice (France). The installation included seven structures of varying sizes, up to ø 40cm and height 200cm, made with fluorescent fishing wire, bohemian glass beads, silver pinchers, epoxy resin, with an inverted conicalshape, reproducing the design of the constellation of the ‘ursa minor, oriented in the gallery according to the actual position of the polar star. Cartographies, cross-linked cubes and a special lighting system completed the installation.
Lucia Amalia Maggio lives and works in Verona.
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