max werner
WERNER The_Red_Pyramid0

Max WERNER, born in Ghent in Belgium, currently living in the United States, the artist’s works have been described in different ways, such as realistic, figurative, descriptive and narrative, sometimes even with a touch of surrealism due to the range full of different ideas, which he touches, which do not seem linked to each other at the start; but as he himself tells us: “I am not a landscaper, a surrealist, or a realist, etc. … but maybe, I follow all of these things at the same time”.  In 2017 -2018 Max Werner has presented his Project “An unusual Compositional Journey” in the Max Werner’s European Art Tour with Monteoliveto Gallery in Paris, Bruxelles, Lausanne, Luxembourg and Cannes. The artist has been on show  in London with other pictorial works on the theme Illustration, Graphics & Communication at the londonian Coningsby Gallery and in 2019 he has participated to the group exhibition in the Home Museum Spazio Tadini in Milan, both curated by Monteoliveto Gallery.

Selected works