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Megan Janine HARMER Born in Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia, Megan studied art at Griffith University – Seven Hills, choosing to major in Printmaking and minor in Ceramics, with an Advanced Certificate in Graphic Design in 1994 and commenced a career as a Graphic Designer where she began working in the advertising industry. Megan has been illustrating since 1990 with an original, abstract, and energetic style where bold calligraph lines are entwined with meticulous detail and infused with pointillism and in May 2010 she had a boutique solo exhibition in Madrid featuring eight paintings reflecting contemporary, stylistic symbolism of her travels. From 2017 to 2019 she has been represented by Monteoliveto Gallery in art events and art fairs, Milan, London, Paris, and Mulhouse. In 2020 her interesting prints and illustrations will be shown with a focus on Paris in 3 different Parisian important locations within special exhibitions dedicated to GraPHica: her recent prints inspired by photographs vacation together with a series of past portraits experimenting with bold blocks of colour overlaid with expressive illustrations, symbolism and in some instances typography.

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