micaela pagener e volkmar petermann

Micaela PAGENER and Volkmar PETERMANN are two German artists, living and working together using different medias : Assemblage for Micaela and Acrylic Paintings for Volkmar, both with a very amusing and irreverent artistic glance.

After having met them in 2017 at GEMLUCArt Principality of Monaco exhibition, Monteoliveto Gallery has represented them both at the Belgium Antwerpen Art Fair with some of their astonishing creations.

The artists have also been selected  to be part of the participating artists in the 2nd edition of the Monteoliveto Gallery MadforNaples Project that -due to Covid-19 – will have its closing event in 2021.

Micaela PAGENER (Germany), Born 1948 in Stuttgart, Asemblage is her means of expression. By associating different materials and objects, the artist creates new, unexpected, surprising realities; to perceive, seek and find materials and objects, discern their thematic potential and what makes them suitable to take shape and integrate into a creation, constitutes the basis of her creative journey, her silent revolt against the narrowness of standardized and devaluing perspectives by integrating into a newly defined aesthetic context, what is discarded, sold off, considered kitsch, broken..

After studies in German and History, Micaela has worked as a journalist freelance for a Cologne newspaper, then as a teacher training in media literacy for the district government of Cologne. In 2014 she returned back to her free artistic activity begun in 1969 working on assemblages.

Volkmar PETERMANN (Germany) Born in 1941 in Stargard.. What matters to him is the plastic condensation of experiences and different levels of affect, through chromatic choices and formal representation, highlighting the heart of his perception and which captures the interest of the observer. The artist uses graphic techniques – unfolding of structures and stencils to line up patterns in series, reflect and connect them, fragments of images or entire paintings, passages of well-defined colored surfaces broken by screens. Rectangular chromatic elements generate a differentiated iconic whole and a correspondence. Mixed media surfaces accentuate this impression.

After a first artistic activity in 1958, Vokmanr followed studies in mechanical engineering and  in German and Social Sciences, becoming a teacher and project manager. In 2010 he has developed his free artistic activity since nowadays.

Website: https://pagenerpetermann.com/about-micaela/#en

Selected works