michael milburn-foster
Milburn Foster photo

Born in North Wales, Milburn Foster started drawing and painting from a very early age, growing up learning watercolour and drawing techniques alongside his father. After an art school in London, he became interested in film making and worked as a director for almost thirty years, fascinated by the moving image, in particular of the human figure. Thereafter, he continued to paint in order to create the illusion of movement through a sequence of static images, starting with photos and still images from videos, then he undertook more interactive work with naked models and professional show dancers in his studio. From these images, he creates captivating drawings, by superimposing two, sometimes three positions, and successively selecting the most interesting parts of the dance, the lines and the forms that he believes best describe the movement. The artist lived in Budapest for 15 years, he currently lives and works in Sanary-sur-Mer, in the South of France.

The artist’s works are in several private collections, most in London, Sydney, Paris, Milan, Zurich, Brussels and Budapest.

After having met him in Art Monaco Art Fair, Michael Milburn-Foster has participated with a great success with Monteoliveto Gallery in 2 international art fairs in Milan (Italy) and San Sebastian (Spain). At the end of the year his first solo exhibition in Paris (France), “Translucidity” curated by Monteoliveto Gallery in the art district of Saint Germain des Prés. Light and airy works, combining watercolour pastels and acrylic paint from the first layer to a second light layer superimposed on oil paint to obtain a translucency, almost like a hologram, in which the two positions are seen simultaneously, and thus create the illusion of movement.



Selected works