milanda de mont

Milanda de Mont is a prolific Australian contemporary artist now based in Germany.
Highly successful, she has exhibited with various Galleries nationally and internationally for the past decades. Born into an artistic family of well-known musicians, painters, poet and artisans, whose artistic legacy has spread over the continents of Asia, Europe and the US, she began painting at age five, received her ‘first studio’ at age 10 and was taught Oil Painting; by her first tutor-French Armenian artist from Paris. In later yearsfollowed by her Persian tutor in calligraphy and Persian Miniature. Throughout her life long artistic career, she has worked in a number of art disciplines; as painter, performance artist, illustrator, graphic designer, art director, Teacher and lecturer of art. Her expertise to the art world is the creation of a large body of artworks on canvas and paper. Her artistic vision and core is manifested strongly on a foundation, testifying her life’s artistic journey. Living in Germany and working with numerous international galleries in Europe and the US, she exhibits in the well-known international art markets, in Italy, France, Germany, Monte Carlo, NewYork, & Republic of Armenia, presenting her works at the Art Expos, with Galleries in Solo & Group Exhibitions. She is regularly invited participant artist in the international GemlucArt Monte Carlo.
From 2011 she is represented by Monteoliveto Gallery, with exhibitions in Naples, Milan and Capri and a participation in many international Art Fairs in Europe and Principality of Monaco.
In 2015, 2016 and 2017 she had 3 exhibitions in Paris curated by Monteoliveto Gallery in Saint Germain des Prés art district, galerie Etienne de Causans; hershows in 2015 and 2016 were also very emotional thanks to 2 special impressive Performance: NightMoves and Luminous Paris.
De Mont is regarded officially ‘Artiste Cotation’ in the Drouot Paris, Hotel des Ventes de Lausanne, and from 2014 – 2020 she is Published artist by the GUID’ARTS Cotation des Artistes since 15th Century France.


Selected works