moufida bouamari

Moufida BOUAMARI was born in Algiers. She lived a childhood and adolescence flooded with light and images in this city of sun and arts that was Algiers of the 1970s and 1980s. Daughter of artists, a filmmaker daddy and an actress mum, who never failed to take her with them to dark rooms and film sets. In Marseille, then in Paris where she currently resides, Moufida, shows a real passion for artistic creation, in particular that of the image, by haunting cinemas, art galleries, and by participating in artistic events. and other festivals.From the projection rooms to the film sets where she grew up, her keen sense of observation and her curiosity have pushed her to better understand the mysteries of cinema, to discover the activities and specialities that govern the production of the film and she quickly switches to technique and works as an assistant director, in production and post-production even collaborating in script writing.

From technique to artistic creation, there is only one step that Moufida is quick to take. The power of expression of the image which is the fundamental element of any iconic production, the emotion it provides, the multiple messages it conveys, the transformation it operates on the world, give her a fascination that inevitably pushes her to penetrate this magical world to know and use the language.

It is therefore natural that Moufida responds to the call of photography which is imposed on her, to recreate the world through her lens and her sensitivity.

Since 2018 Moufida Bouamari follows the events of the gallery and becomes the official photographer of the gallery art events in Paris. In 2019, Monteoliveto Gallery presented her photographs as part of the exhibition of international photographers within the Project “Through Your Lens” in the arts district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, exhibition dedicated to PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY during the week of the year of photography in Paris.  There she presented fine art photographic prints on the theme: The moment: taking time, sharing the moment that is unique, the beauty or the gravity but always with a sincere glance. The artist will once again be in the exhibition represented by Monteoliveto Gallery at the “Through Your Lens” Milan edition in Italy, postponed to 2021 following the Covid-19.

During the Rentrée des Galeries in Paris at the beginning of September, Moufida Bouamari presented a triptych printed on aluminum representing the port of Bouharoun, part of a photographic work that the artist carries out on the Mediterranean basin, named “Mediterranean my Love”. Bouharoun, a town in the wilaya of Tipaza in Algeria, a small coastal fishing village formed from 1883 by Spanish fishermen from Menorca and Italians from Naples, Procida and Ischia who were sardine fishermen.

Moufida will also be part of the ROOTS exhibition in Paris in december a Monteoliveto Gallery Project at the Paris Art Galerie in Saint Germain des Prés art district.


Selected works