nicola piscopo

 Born in Naples in 1990, Nicola Vincenzo Piscopo graduated from the Naples Artistic Lyceum, and attended the painting course at the Academy of Fine Arts in the same city. In 2010 he participated in the National Arts Award and proposed his works in the bipersonal: Nicola Piscopo vs Antonio Conte. In April 2011 he inaugurated a solo exhibition entitled: Between Meaning and Significant, in the municipal library of San Giorgio a Cremano (NA). Nicola Piscopo collaborates with Monteoliveto Gallery inNice (France), Il Melograno Gallery in Livorno (Italy), Salvatore Serio Gallery in Naples (Italy), and Ailoviuitaly Gallery in Melbourne (Australia).
 Resident artist of Monteoliveto Gallery since 2009 he has successfully participated with the gallery in numerous international contemporary art events and fairs in Italy and abroad. In 2012 in the Kunstart 12 Biennial of Contemporary Emerging Art in Bolzano, as part of the Glocal Rookie Award, he presented a dark canvas with overlapping faces full of anxiety of the series Krampfanfalle, which was acquired by a collector from Modena. This first participation was followed by art fairs in Paris, Bruxelles, Milan, Ghent, Principality of Monaco, Aix en Provence, Rome.
 Since 2012 he has also been active all over Italy with his activity as a portrait artist for events, a performance that proposes the classic portrait or the caricature on the occasion of special events.
 In 2014 on the occasion of his solo exhibition Street View in Naples at the Salvatore Serio art gallery and curated by the Monteoliveto Gallery, he presented a journey, through new technologies in the images of an online application where places are identified thanks to an avatar, that little yellow man who represents our positionon the map, without moving from our armchair.
 In 2017 he presented in the island of Capri (Naples) a work of his new series Black Swan in the juried exhibition Capri Isola d’Arte, within the Project Cities of Europe, curated by Monteoliveto Gallery.
 In 2018 he launched & nd, a new project and new concept curated by Federica Romano, Fabrizio Monsellato, Nicola Piscopo and Salvatore Ricci with the aim to integrate with the socio-cultural context of the project starting city, that is Naples, exploring the role of art in contemporary society.
 Today he continues his research in the visual arts.


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