Peter Sherman

Peter SHERMAN Born in London and currently living and working in Sweden, Peter Sherman is a painter, photographer, choreographer and collector of movement. His art centres entirely around dance and performance and as such he has worked with professional and amateur dancers as well as people without any dance education, all in his search for movements. Sherman’s forms and compositional configurations are rendered more dramatic by his skilful use of light and shadow, which effectively highlights the strength and serenity of the dancers’ bodies but also underscores the emotion that lies within. His paintings show glimpses of modern day life that are beautiful when captured by dance choreography. Fascinated by the play of light, contemporary dance has given him a whole new vocabulary of movements that express human emotions conveyed by “frame by frame” body movements where limbs, muscles, shadow and light represent a balanced whole, is key to his work. After his solo exhibitions in Nice in 2012 and in Paris in 2013, both curated by Monteoliveto Gallery, Peter Sherman is represented by MG throughout Europe art fairs in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lausanne, Spain, Italy and participates to the Cities of Europe Project in Milan, Paris, London, Imperia and on the island of Capri where he was awarded of the Public Prize in 2017. A new series of giclée works has been realized through “Meshulash”, a new dance project, paintings and photographs capturing the beautiful movements created by 3 dancers. Recently Peter Sherman has showed in London and Paris a special exhibition celebrating Smirja’s triumph over Idiopathic Scoliosis, an astonishing performance with a complete sense of control of the space around her, body flow and an acute awareness of the music playing, that has become her fight against idiopathic scoliosis.


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