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Pino BARILLA’ was born in Viterbo (Italy). He lives and works in Celleno and Rome. He graduated as a stonemason at the Viterbo School of Arts of the Lazio Region. From 1989 he had numerous solo exhibitions in Italy, Japan and the Netherlands and group exhibitions in Italy, Austria, Poland, France, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Japan, USA, Argentina. In 1998 he published the document Fusione Estetica (Aesthetic Fusion) published by Litos Editrice. In 2001, through the creation of sculptures in scale, known as “space metal”, Pino Barillà has given impetus to a long artistic career, during which he kept hidden from the public on its work, revolutionizing the relationship, usually understood, between art and architecture. The goal Barillà intends to pursue, avoiding that his work is made Archi-sculpture or architecture, is keen not to compromise its original identity as sculpture.

After meeting the artist in 2008, Monteoliveto Gallery invited Pino Barillà and curated his personal exhibition in Nice in 2009, entitled “Linea di confine” with the collaboration of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Nice and the presentation by Chiara Ciappelloni.  On this occasion, Pino Barillà and his “intuitive space” gives a manifesto of new sculpture, where the inner and outer space must merge and not offend.

Today Pino Barillà is continuing in realizing the first scientific Manifesti of the 21st century, considering that the perfect work is hidden in our brain. Space maps are stored in our mind. He studies the evolution of the sculpture object, the performer spatialist being a work in the work going beyond the boundary of the single interpretation.

From 2009, many of his sculptures are visible in Monteoliveto Gallery who has represented them in many art fairs and events in Milan, Naples, Nice, and in the Principality of Monaco.

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