regina noakes

Regina Noakes is a significant Australian artist born in Singapour, who has won many art awards and participated in international biennales; her paintings are represented in numerous private, corporate and public collections around the world (full list in the biography), including The British Government Art Collection, Ministry of Water Resources, Sultanate of Oman, Fulham Palace, London, The Singapore Economic Board, Singapore, the University of Cambridge and also Sting MBE; Eric Clapton, London and Bahamas and European private art collectors. Initially formed to piano and music, she discovers, in Capri, Italy working as assistant of Professor Antonio Napoli, her passion for painting. This gives birth to an important collection of artworks inspired by her different trips but also, especially in her first works, by the Moghul and Roman art. Her works are often large-scale, brightly coloured with primal and primitive compositions with their motifs and content invariably overshadowing discussion of their formal properties. The paintings manifest a distillation of collected experiences into a visual unity, time and feeling. From 2015 to 2019 she has been represented by Monteoliveto Gallery in European Art Fairs and Events in Paris and Nice (France), Luxembourg, San Sebastian (Spain), London (UK) and she has been one of the participating artists in 2016 to the 1st edition of the MadforNaples Project. Following her interest for the female perspective she was recently invited to participate to the first 2020 PARIS exhibition of Monteoliveto Gallery curated by MG Paris and dedicated to Expression Femme.

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