Roger de Tanios

Roger de Tanios is an international creative artist. Having lived and worked in more than 27 countries across the globe, he developed a richly-blended inspiration and an incomparable Art. Roger de Tanios holds both the Lebanese and French nationalities which shaped in him a sort of “cultural schizophrenia“ allowing him to understand multicultural environment. Throughout his artistic journey, he created the “Aychak Man”, a symbolic representation of the Middle Eastern “Macho Man” and the way he views women with all his emotional, prejudicial and mindset appraisals. This collection was exhibited through a special international tour that have reached more 100 exhibitions by 2019. Represented by Monteoliveto Gallery in Europe from 2014 in the international art fairs and art events, he has been part of the gallery Project Cities of Europe in Milan, Paris, Imperia, London and in the island of Capri. Together with the Aychak Man sculptures, the gallery has showed also his paintings of the series Blind Men feelings and the new series of paintings  “Aiming for Victoria Secrets” realized with aluminium small sculptures roped by aluminium wire He has received prizes from the Vienna Museum of Young Art, from the Gaudi Museum Casa Battló – Barcelona, the Beirut Golden Award and the AWARD Raccontami 2019 by Home Museum Spazio Tadini in MILAN.

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