Serenella Sossi

Originally from Imperia, graduated from the Artistic High School of Genoa, a pupil of the sculptor Lorenzo Garaventa, after a long period in Turin, she has lived for years in Nice on the French Riviera, where she has followed courses and stages of sculpture and painting and undertook studies in aesthetic philosophy. In contact with the stimulating French artistic environment, she refined her personal style from both cultures. Her creations, reflecting a personal inner, philosophical and spiritual path, are characterized by a constant search for verticality. The refined search for light and colour and the disturbing duality between figuration and abstraction predominate in her paintings.  From 2009 resident artist of the gallery, she has recently created works of her series “Ciel/mer”, paintings with a rarefied atmosphere already much appreciated in the prestigious contemporary art fairs of Northern Europe (Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Paris, Luxembourg) where the works have been presented by Monteoliveto Gallery. These paintings reflect a desire to get out of everyday life, an invitation to contemplate endless spaces through which to be captured in search of serenity and peace and harmony, as if to exorcise, by making us transport by the feelings of tranquillity that paintings transmits to us, the ugliness of this sick world, which often transmits insecurity and anxiety. Nevertheless, the characteristic line of Sossi is always upwards: she hopes for positivity and symbolizes hope.


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