thérèse boisclair
Boisclair photo 2

Thérèse Boisclair Ottawa, Canada Native of Trois Rivières (Québec), Thérèse Boisclair studied photography for many years. She spent a long time searching for the “right medium” to explore her artistic talents. She painted in watercolour for over 18 years specializing in painting the French Riviera. The local architecture, the small narrow streets and the scenes of every day life fascinated her. Over the last few years, she experimented with acrylics on tissue paper and other exotic papers. She chose the fragility of the tissue paper and the boldness of the acrylics. Thérèse Boisclair has been represented with Monteoliveto Gallery in Naples, Milan, Paris and London and is one of the participant artists in the 2nd edition of Monteoliveto Gallery MadforNaples Project.


Selected works