yolaine wuest
Yolaine Wuest


Yolaine Wuest lives and works in Colmar (France). A student at the Colmar Plastic Arts Training Ateliers for 3 years, she quickly and very naturally turned to abstraction. More than 10 years in a collective atelier will mark out her career and allow her to take her own path. Chiaroscuro work has always been her “vocabulary”. It is the result of a research on deep blacks, nourished by umber or sometimes Siena. This pigmented material serves as soil, dug and excavated until she finds light. After a first notable personal exhibition in 2000, she regularly takes part in various personal and collective events (in galleries, art events and contemporary art fairs).

Oil painting allows her to “ink” the impulses of her soul, to reveal the unsuspected, “to imprint” the unspeakable. The backgrounds nourished with deep black are worked with a brush, with a rag, until they become a substrate and it is there that the gesture, more and more free, is released by flashes, the  “fulgurances”. Influenced by the vibrant chiaroscuro of Caravaggio and Rembrandt, as well as by Soulages’s work, Yolaine tends to interpret what makes human beings, in their fragility as well as in their strength: the human condition in its truth.

Winner in 2016 of the Aralya Edition’s Price/Monteoliveto Gallery, she has participated with Monteoliveto Gallery in the Cities of Europe Project in Paris in 2017, then she has  joined the 2nd edition of the Gallery project «Mad of Naples and Somma Vesuvio -2» 

The closing event will be hosted in May/June 2021 by the Sala Delle Carceri in the prestigious Castel dell’Ovo in the bay of Naples.

Website: http://www.yolainewuest.fr

Selected works