Monteoliveto Gallery

is a new exhibition path open to the world of contemporary art, dedicated to the presentation of artworks according to an innovative project with the aim of conveying the importance of contemporary art as a tool to read and interpret different points of view our “changing world”. The gallery has started in Naples in 2000, then opening a second traditional gallery in Nice in 2008 with a consolidated penetration to promote and disseminate its diversified emerging artists in the contemporary art world. A window on Mediterranean and international creativity, the gallery promotes since 2008 artistic initiatives related to our Mediterranean and international heritage of art and culture, acting as a bridge between tradition and modernity with projects promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding between peoples.
From 2018, the art market rapidly changing going towards new different and more dynamic ways of proposing art, the gallery decided to go towards the public, moving internationally focusing our participation in high level “galleries only art fairs”, while maintaining a home gallery in Naples, our social seat and location to meet interested collectors in Nice and a new logistic location in Paris.
Besides this art fairs programme, the gallery exhibitions are now organized with solo and group exhibitions of our artists, through special agreements with prestigious locations, galleries and Museum in Paris, London, Berlin and Milan where we organize each year from 3 to 5 great art events, allowing us to give the artists a better visibility to a wider interested public. Monteoliveto Gallery also curates some residency projects in Naples and Nice.
From 2020 Monteoliveto Gallery has opened an antenna in Paris focusing on innovating and itinerant projects in different art locations of the French Capital. 
Starting from February 2020, Monteoliveto Gallery has launched a project permanently established in the Ville Lumière, PARIS. MG Paris,the Parisian section of Monteoliveto Gallery offers a dense calendar of events throughout the year. Focus on a single artist or group exhibitions on a chosen theme, there is something for everyone. Within these meetings of varying duration, a multicultural and cosmopolitan mix of emerging artists will be discovered alongside established artists.



Antonio Nicola Ciervo
Chantal Lora
Gilbert Ciervo
Domenica Ciervo


Tuesday – Saturday – CALL FOR APPOINTMENT

NICE – T: +33 (0)6 30005663

NAPOLI – T: +39 339 4871980

PARIS – T: +33 (0)6 43705843


Piazza G.Matteotti,7
80133-Napoli (IT)

77, Promenade des Anglais
06000-Nice (FR)

7, Square Dunois
75013-Paris (FR)