technique mixte sur toile
200 x 150 cm

Experimental artist, he uses a very personal mixture of various languages ​​in new ways of expression, creating parallel universes, alternative escape routes to the normal logic of things. His painting, through a series of symbols and signs takes us beyond reality, where we find a new ironic and limitless rigor as a child’s dream, which recalls the language of Michel Basquiat. As in expressionist painting by Basquiat, Giannetti uses writing to enrich and minimize the message of his work, to take us beyond the stereotypes and find a freedom being, through art.

Sharp and ironic, Gianmaria Giannetti’s research derides the art system and its way of always referring to itself with a pictorial language deliberately neglected and caricatured. To do this, he uses a new type of ready-made that is affirmed in recent years from Cindy Sherman to John Currin: the work of classical art resumed and quoted, copied or even imitated. Even if there are mostly paintings to be exhibited, Gianmaria Giannetti project is definitely a show that should be lived through an installative breath and where a series of ironic recyclings take the form of the rough copy of paintings of the past……


60cm X 90cm

Benny De Grove was born in Ghent, Belgium in 1957.  At the flourishing age of 12 Benny got his first camera as a gift from his aunt which awoke his passion for photography, he was instantly taken by the options that photography gave him to express himself . The experiments never ceased since then. He enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent to learn about the different techniques and possibilities. He has been working as a professional photographer since 1986 both on personal projects and as a commercial photographer and has accomplished many projects in documentary and staged studio photography such as editorial photography for magazines, covers for literary publications, photography for promotional materials for theatre, portraiture, advertisements… etc.

Benny De Grove is influenced by classical painters such as Rembrandt, Van Eyck and Caravaggio. The latter has particularly influenced the way he uses light. Surrealists such as René Magritte and the symbolic/expressionist works of James Ensor (both lived and worked in Benny’s home country) and filmmakers such as Lynch, Kurosawa and Kubrick as have also been role models in shaping his taste.

Benny uses portraits to create mythical atmospheres, and through these images he tries to arise questions regarding society. The goal of his works is to create a dialogue between him, his work and the spectator. He strives to make this world a better place by underlining the importance of care of nature and spiritual life.


tecnica mista su carta intelata
140cm x 90cm

Born in Lecce (Italy) in 1956, he completed his artistic training while still in high school, in the painter and graphic designer
Giancarlo Moscara’s studio.
He obtained his diploma from Arts High School. He graduated with honours in Architecture from the University of Florence in 1982.
The work carried out for his graduation thesis was published and exhibited inseveral architecture events in many Italian cities.
He conducted research activity in the Department of Urban Planning at Florence University with Professor Paolo Sica from 1982 to1987.
He founded the AIR Interdisciplinary Atelier forResearch together with Professor Riccardo Foresi and other young colleagues.
With this group, he took part to several international contests and carried out his professional activity.

Since 1997 he has been working at the University of Salento on the design of the University’s new buildings, such as libraries and museums.
Since 2009 he has been a member of the Provincial Council of the Architect Union. His activity as a painter has been going on since his debut, with formal researches focused onurban landscapes and fragments of imaginary cities, and the use of both traditional and innovative techniques.


huile sur toile
195cm x 167cm

Née à Paris en 1974, Alissa Thor vit et travaille entre Paris et Rouen. Des études en Lettres et Philosophie, puis après avoir travaillé pendant 12 ans comme bibliothécaire à l’Éducation Nationale elle se consacre à partir de 2011 à la peinture et à l’écriture (poésie). Longtemps «intellectuelle» elle a retrouvé après tant d’abstractions, l’exigence radicale de se confronter directement avec la matière: prendre la vie de l’autre point de vue … La peinture est son terrain d’essai idéal, agir instinctivement … reprendre son propre souffle, son propre rythme son propre corps.