Atmosphères #ART #DESIGN
Atmosphères #ART #DESIGN 28 novembre 5 December 2020 Paris Il sito web personale +33(0)6 3000 56 63 +39 3394871980

Atmosphères.. en Live


Monteoliveto Gallery et MG Paris ont lancé un évènement très spécial en Live le 28 novembre et les œuvres seront publicisées sur nos réseaux du 28 novembre au 5 décembre.

MG Paris recrée des atmosphères singulières avec les œuvres de:

Dominique Jeanne Benguigui

Roger De Tanios

Megan Janine Harmer

Ian Kingsford-Smith

Lieve Ophalvens

Sanne Maibritt Rasmussen

Serenella Sossi

Alissa Thor

Monteoliveto Gallery’s 2021 exhibition / event
The traditional meeting of the Cities of Europe Project
Monteoliveto Gallery as part of its European Cities Project is offering this year an
where art and design intertwine to offer a reading of some special atmospheres.
to represent an atmosphere of interiors, exterior, soul … by referring to the design of an era that attracts your interest.
all categories: painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, installation
Work / dimensions:
1 work / artist; max dimensions 1,20 mt x 1,50 mt height.
The works will be exhibited with a “staging” in the gallery with design elements that will communicate with the artists works
Opening: ——–    2021
……………… at 6 p.m.