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The Fluidity of Being

solo show

Mars 23 to April 06 – 2023

Home Museum Spazio Tadini – Via Niccolò Jommelli, 24, 20131 – MILAN (Italy)

Press Release 

Monteoliveto Gallery, opens its first solo exhibition of 2023 dedicated to the American artist: John Bacon! After entering the gallery at the end of 2021 and having participated in a series of group and thematic exhibitions, Bacon finally presents his own personal show to get us even more in touch with his work.  For this year too we renew our collaboration with the Casa Museo Spazio Tadini in Milan where we will exhibit a selection of works by John Bacon. This selection is read with a key inherent to the style and subjects used by the artist, hence the title of the exhibition: La Fluidità dell’Essere – The Fluidity of Being. In his works, Bacon takes us into his world populated by forms and Beings between the abstract and the figurative, between colors and the absence of colors.  A fluid world, which under the artist’s brushstrokes takes on the appearance of the interpretation given by the viewer. We are waiting for you to enter this world, together, from 23 March to 6 April 2023 !

Selected Works



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