La dynamique du geste – Kerstin Kager
La dynamique du geste – Kerstin Kager March 12 to 22, 2021 MG on line VIEWING ROOM Il sito web personale


La dynamique du geste

The exhibition curated by MG Paris brings you closer to the artist and intends to highlight her artistic path and is proposing artworks of different series varying with the single themes approached, in different techniques, media and dimensions, but all realized through a very huge and powerful ability in using the ”la dynamique du geste”, her mastery over the gesture, the special skill allowing her to express her art through the only dynamic lines on the canvas.

Clicking through the Room, you are introduced in Kerstin’s world. Take a virtual walk and have a look at the single artworks.

Follow her creative process and appreciate in the first wall a new project for 2021 under the sign of animals with a brand-new series that follows the “toro in sand” of 2019. The animals are worked with a very interesting technique mixing sand and Indian ink.

In the second wall you can appreciate the Indigo series painted on canvas in 2019 in minimalistic style, reducing other colours to Indigo to express the dynamic and movement

In the third wall  the Music series, all works of paper realized in 2020, dynamic lines to underline the rhythm and the movements to feel the melodies played by the musicians, to let us get into the grove. 

In the fourth wall again a very bright colour in the Gold series paintings on canvas, where the themes are uniting Gold with  the traditions of her country 

In the fifth wall, The Ink collection, ink of China on paper artworks, created in 2020 during the lockdown periods with the aim of reducing and minimalizing without losing the characteristic of the subject: less is more in reducing the subject a maximum.

And a final wall is dedicated to the Mad for Naples Project artworks: a very special “sand and gold” San Gennaro and a mixed media work, both on canvas, dedicated to Naples and created in 2020 for the Monteoliveto Art Project MadforNaples, 2nd edition.

To learn more about the artist: Kerstin Kager was born in Graz in Austria in 1966. She studied French and German in her hometown and is a trained painting and design therapist. Her intensive approach to colours and her love for art developed very early. The secret of colours, shapes and shadow play exerts a tremendous fascination on them. Sketches of trips, encounters and nature are realized in the studio. Painting in oil is the focus of her work. Motifs are landscapes, people and animals that the Austrian paints colourfully or even in black and white. Since 1997 Kerstin Kager has presented her extensive work in various exhibitions in Austria and France. She currently lives and works in Wels in Upper Austria. 

For 2021, Kerstin Kager has several new projects, always under the prospect that the events will take place given the situation with Covid 19.

Resident artist of Monteoliveto Gallery, Nice (France) from 2020, Kerstin Kager will participate in 2021 to the international art tour curated by the Gallery and to the 2nd edition of MadforNaples Project of the Gallery. In May – June, she will show her works in Aix en Provence at Smart’Aix Art Fair curated by Monteoliveto Gallery. Looking forward to these participations with Monteoliveto Gallery the artist’s activity is now focused on projects in her native country, Austria with exhibitions in Graz and Vienna and at the ART Innsbruck 2021.


°°°°°      Works     °°°°°


In this beginning of 2021 Monteoliveto Gallery launches a series of new virtual exhibitions to face the problems that the pandemic is giving to the organization of physical exhibitions.
For this program we are associating with the french charity association “2500 voix” that helps in the fight against children cancers. 
That is why you can find in the third room, and this for all the cycle of exhibitions, an artwork made by the artist  Marion Cadet  for the association to support the cause.
This artwork has been created from drawings by children who couldn’t be healed.

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