Lockdown feelings – Lieve Ophalvens
Lockdown feelings – Lieve Ophalvens March 27 to April 10, 2021 MG on line VIEWING ROOM Il sito web personale


Lockdown feelings

The exhibition curated by MG Paris brings you closer to the artist principally focused on all different feelings haunting her mind in these periods of lockdown. Monteoliveto Gallery has already exhibited many of the works of the artist in international art fairs and events. During the lockdown, the artists’ artworks have also been showed in Paris events and on our website and social media during various virtual events.  In this 2021 with the sanitary situation still on, MG has planned A “Room” to ReStART, a new online version art project to offer the possibility to artists, collectors, art lovers, to appreciate Art right from the comfort of their living room.

Clicking through the Rooms, you are introduced in Lieve’s world. On her paintings, the ardour and virulence of the faces, often in black and white, sometimes with coloured lines, alternate with the mysterious gaze of the female characters, whose form the artist deconstructs in order to reinvent it. Oil portraits, where the focus is often on the eyes as a mirror of the soul, and on the mouth as a source of emotion. Interested in people, the artist is always searching for faces full of emotions. In this new solo exhibition, Lieve Ophalvens is focusing on the intimacy of her own personal feelings she had to face and is still facing during the hard period of confinement.

To learn more about the artist: Lieve Ophalvens is a Belgian painter who lives and works in the province from Flemish Brabant to Heverlee, city of Leuven. Resident artist of the gallery for 10 years, she is represented in all artistic events of the gallery. She received her training in various workshops under the expert guidance of several academy teachers, including Nico Deboeck, who quickly urged her to develop her own style. Then she started with painting after following several art schools and quickly gave exhibitions at home and abroad, solo and in group. She also founded an art school in Belgium, near Brussels, where she is still in charge. The artist experimented with different types of techniques: oil, acrylic, marble and collage, as well as the use of different materials, paper, mirror, chalk, sand, in order to better express her feelings.

«Mijn kunst wil een klein positief deeltje zijn in de onmetelijke negativiteit op deze aarde..»  

Mon art veut être une petite partie positive de la négativité incommensurable sur cette terre.


Back to Nature

Now in confinement the importance of Nature and landscape we are obliged today to protect, to take care of nature, our future, our best destination, to enjoy the rising sun and the sunset, on our face, to feel the chill of the morning mist in the fields, to admire the strength of the trees in the woods, to taste the purity of water. The paintings underline on one hand the necessity of purification and on the other the need to fly away with the wind.



Haunting feelings during the lockdown 

Hopeless, fear, loneliness and resignation. Caught in a spiral not ending, obstacles everywhere, fear represented in the colours red, yellow, purple, and resignation in the eyes, the only work on paper. Bright colours, the nature is often present in the background or more impressive in the paintings, but the women universe, through eyes and faces is always there. Only in the work expressing the need to find some to pass the time, a wonder boy occupies the whole canvas. And finally, a strong feeling good, a painting installed with ceramics.




Using different media and techniques

Besides the My Lady artwork depicting a portrait in only black and white and with eyes wide closed to maximize the feelings of the characters but full of emotion, other paintings, sometimes influenced by Picasso, favourite artist, sometimes connected to street art, graffiti, Pop-Art and also, in other works, aquarelle and collage.


Dedicated to the Neapolitan Tombola 2018 Paris exhibition

A painting on wild, raw, canvas in 5 different layers representing the number 53 in the Neapolitan tombola which meaning is the old man.  Lieve Ophalvens likes to paint faces full of emotions she finds in old people who carry luggage of a whole life. The painting, on a 40 x 40 cm very raw canvas is realized with oil crayons, soft pastels,  acrylic and oil.




In this beginning of 2021 Monteoliveto Gallery launches a series of new virtual exhibitions to face the problems that the pandemic is giving to the organization of physical exhibitions.
For this program we are associating with the french charity association “2500 voix” that helps in the fight against children cancers. 
That is why you can find in the third room, and this for all the cycle of exhibitions, an artwork made by the artist  Marion Cadet  for the association to support the cause.
This artwork has been created from drawings by children who couldn’t be healed.

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