Mad for Naples…and SommaVesuvio 3

MadforNaples … andforSommaVesuvio 3

edition 2022 – 2024


We have just closed at Castel dell’Ovo in Naples with great success and an exhibition closing event the 2nd edition of MadforNaplesandforSommaVesuvio Project.

The 3rd edition 2022 – 2024 of the residency project will be focused on the important theme “I Miti fondatori”, so the Myths of foundation , with the aim of finding a contact between the legends and/or myths of the foundation of the city of Naples and the legends and/or myths of the cities of other cities, origin of the international artists who will choose to apply, and if possible between the neapolitan Vesuvius and the vulcans of other cities.

The project purpose is to have international artists come in our difficult but so beautiful city and give us a new glance of our city away from the traditional view of Vesuvius, sun, sea and songs; obviously, you will find this in our city, but we would like to have your personal artistic point of view.

The residence in Naples ou will stay for the 2 weeks of the working project occupying part of the guest spaces of Monteoliveto Home Gallery with a terrace and a shared living room,  is located in the very centre of Naples, overlooking the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

You have to come in Naples and visit the art sites and places and museums and exhibitions, we will just give you a preliminar list of sites and events and you will be free to decide where to go; the important is that you will have a personal feeling of our city and realize a work of art that can be a painting, a sculpture, a mixed media or even a performance, you are free to decide.  This work will be exhibited in a great conclusive art exhibiting event in a prestigious location in the Neapolitan territory for which will be made a monographic catalogue dedicated to the project, to the artists and their works.

Monteoliveto Gallery will handle the promotion and dissemination of the event on its website, its Facebook page and any other social platforms. The artists will all be placed with their artist page on the website of the gallery for 1 year.

At the moment, already 4 artists have confirmed their participation in the project: Thérèse Boisclair from Canada, Kerstin Kager from Austria, Iris Trostel from Germany and Christiane Tureczek from Switzerland. The project is open to other artists and nations, looking forward to make an interesting confrontation between the Myths of different nations.

For more information, please contact the gallery: +33 (0)6 30005663 /+33 (0)6 43705843 or

Some pics of the past editions 


  • Alexandra Khan Gli Angeli Custodi di Napule, 80x60cm, Acrilico su tela, Napule 2018, Alexandra Khan, Euro 750.--
  • Alexandra Khan Napule tradotto significa per me - Tenda su! e un SÌ alla vita, ... , Acrilico su tela, 2018 Napule, Alexandra Khan, Euro 750.--.JPG
  • Alexandra Khan Pulcinella, Napule, 2019, 40x60 cm, Acrilico su tela, Alexandra Khan, Euro 450.--
  • Young artist scetching in Galleria Umberto in Naples, Italy.
  • Bénédicte Klene les petits riens de Naples et de Massa di Somma
  • Boisclair Thérèse Sunsets on Naples Mount Vesuvius I-IV
  • DSC00552
  • DSC00553
  • DSC00554
  • DSC00559
  • glusevic 1
  • glusevic 2
  • image_6487327-2
  • image_6487327-3
  • image_6487327
  • IMG_20210718_214204
  • Jana_Masik_Castel_dell'Ovo_acrylic_on_wood_70x80cm_2018
  • Kerstin-KAGER-Sun-over-Napoli-Mixed-media-on-canvas-70-x-50-cm-2020-scaled
  • Lis ENGEL Imagination of naples - (Dreaming of the unknown landscape of Naples)
  • Lis ENGEL Secret night life in the unknown nature of Naples - 2021, oil on linen, 24cm x30 cm
  • Lis ENGEL Sun rise a secret place in the surroundings of Naples
  • Martin JOYCE s anna dei lombardi
  • Micaela_Pagener_Naples diverse_2020_Assemblage_92x117x 10cm
  • Parthenope - Andrea Lu
  • Sanne Rasmussen In the coffe bar
  • Sanne Rasmussen The girl with the aperol
  • scelto NAPOLES2BAJA
  • Strega all'alba
  • Volkmar_Petermann_Janara_2020_Mixed_Media_100x 80cm
  • WENJUN Flowing Magma, Fu Wenjun, Digital Pictorial Photography, 100x100cm, 2017-2018
  • hdr
  • westMontaggio

 a selection of the works realized for the 2nd edition of the project