MEGAN JANINE HARMER – Travelling through dreams
MEGAN JANINE HARMER – Travelling through dreams June 15 to 26, 2022 June 15 to 26, 2022 - Home Museum Spazio Tadini - Via Niccolò Jommelli, 24 - MILAN (Italy) Il sito web personale +39 338 7679286 / +33(0)6 3000 56 63

Travelling through dreams


June 15 to 26, 2022 

Home Museum Spazio Tadini – Via Niccolò Jommelli, 24, 20131 Milano MI 

Megan Janine HARMER

My art is an expression of my soul, I create to express an emotion or a point in time being creative is part of my DNA. Since graduating from university I’ve always been creative, working with pastels or drawing and most recently painting and ceramics. Each illustration, sculpture or painting I make is a challenge and at various stages of the process brings me joy and peace.

…..builds a new folklore of ancient and exotic places with vivid symbolism in her lively paintings. Often inspired by her dreams, travels, and research into ancient cultures, the artist employs graphic blocks of fiery reds, bright blues, and lemon yellows to construct both fantastical still-lifes and elaborate landscapes. Harmer overlays bold, calligraphic lines and jeweled, metallic pointillism atop her lush shapes of saturated color. This bold and fluid style paired with the subjects of the pieces, often cultural emblems of Spain, undulate with the movement of history – of flamenco dancing, the sound of the Spanish streets, the roar of the bullfighter’s ring, or the twang of the acoustic guitar. Harmer shares her whimsical world of travel and dreams through surfaces of her painted canvas. Through shape, line, and color, the mysteries of those alternate worlds are revealed in all their beauty.

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