International exhibition dedicated to our roots interpreted by 9 international women artists

To admit that the roots of art plunge into a magical breeding ground, perhaps it is to open a path towards the prestige of the flower, its enchantments, its spells. In the book Images pour un jardin sans murs, the fruit of the friendly collaboration of the writer-poet Maurice Genevoix and the artist Maurice de Vlaminck, we find an interesting connection between literature, poetry and art.

Last exhibition of a difficult year for the world and for art in particular, Roots aims to return the gaze to what is more intimate, our roots: faces, trees, towns of origin, legends or other ancestral symbols of life which constitute the focus of contemporary artistic exploration.

This exhibition, postponed for Covid, will be held “in presence” in Paris in 2021, as soon as it wll be allowed. The artists from the most disparate horizons, challenged by the theme have produced, each through their own artistic research and on different media, works in a way linked to their own historical and personal roots. or artistic.

Moufida Bouamari, born in Algeria, today living in Paris, for her the paradox is at the heart of the wisdom of my roots. Contradiction is the core of all of us, just as it is the core of civilizations, of cultures. It is a blessing to experience belonging to several cultures where they embrace each other fraternally whatever the paths taken.

Danisa Glusevic (Chile), tells us that the connection between people and travel and transit through history and across the world are the origins of our Roots. The images change, around space and our personal experiences, the Roots are immutable, eternal, constantly and perpetually.

Listen to the Roots is the meaning of the project  of the Lebanon photographer Nada Karam a girl with black hat, symbol of mystery and peace, plays on the guitar in nature, in direct contact with the soil and the roots recharges the energy between the body and the plant.

Aima Martin, her work celebrates human values and talks about the roots of her country where some people even lack food and wants us to move and advance towards a new knowledge.

Lieve Ophalvens Roots are in Belgium. Very influenced by its climate, we can always recognize the effect of her roots in her works. The paintings proposed clearly express this search for color and roots and sometimes invite us to look back.

Serenella Sossi (Italy / France), her roots are the sea the origin of life, fascinating her, envelopping and nourishing her,  subject of many works, both pictorial and sculptural inspired by mythological reminiscences, as in the case of the paintings of the series “Calypso”.

For Alissa Thor, French artist, the word roots evokes the origin, the archaic, the bestial impulse from the “natural” world which man, throughout his life, cannot completely get rid of. Her paintings evoke a violent origin  or they reincarnate the myth, twisting the painting itself to try to get it back to its own principles in order that something of the raw material will appear.

In the works by Astrid Charlotte Wintgens, German artist, the tree, the ultimate ancient symbol of life, is the focus of her series of works consisting of photography, drawing, painting, mixed media and collage. Rooting (past), growth (present), branching (future) and self-healing of injured bark by resin are, in a reduced formal language, parts of the creative process.

Christiane Tureczek, personal roots in Austria, then transferred to Greece and today living in Switzerland, roots transformed into sculptures made of wood, of bronze, of mixed media, elaborated with the energy of fire, nourrished by the wilderness of the sea, by the sparse power of mountains and the dynamic viscosity of sandy floors along the rivers.

An exhibition under the sign of a return to what is essential in our lifes, in the hope of rediscovering this “magic soil” of Genevoix, a social, enthusiastic and artistic life and, as Pablo Neruda says in his Cahiers de Tenuco “ To strip our roots. Into the mighty land and deliver them to the ground. And when, around us, everything will be much larger, to Open our wings wide and start to fly. ”