#Through Your Lens

Monteoliveto Gallery is taking applications from 15 international photographers and will value their candidatures for a one week show in PARIS, Saint Germain des Prés art district, dedicated to PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY during the week of the year dedicated in Paris to Photography.
The exhibition that will present 15 high quality projects to give a full vision of Photography thanks to the most contemporary expressions, such as series projects, small formats, urban and cities photography, vintage shoots, representation of portraits and bodies, and mixing traditional photography and new trends.
Some special sectors will be dedicated to signatures of books, and multimedia videos, in order to point out that  in visual art there is no separation between the fix and the moving image.
Monteoliveto Gallery will realize a very special exhibition in order to restitute a whole Photo Project composed through a series of a sort of single solo projects each of which will be hanged on a overall space of 2 mt large. For this the applying artist will have to:

–   choose a standard format that will allow him to propose many works all of the same format (for example 24 x 36 cm, or any other standard but  format……)

–   the works will be all in black and white

–   all the works will have a fil rouge – inside the theme chosen by the artist to express his/her personal art journey – that will be clearly pointed out in each of the works.

Some examples of themes for the single art journey: focused on portraits, body, voyages, nature, urban, cities, movements, dance, human body, etc… or any other idea you cold have to represent your personal art journey “through your lens”..,
The artist will thus have the chance to present his work in an homogeneous way through a series of many photographs and present his work to an international platform of great visibility, where art, technology, innovation and human adventure will be able to dialogue.
The exhibition will take place in Paris, galerie Etienne de Causans, 25 rue de Seine, in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés, from November 2 to 9, 2019, with an opening venue and a paper catalog with 2 pages dedicated to each artist, his artists statement and his project.

here the details about the Project:

1) to propose a personal project realized through different images all in B&W and all of the same dimension

2) you can choose YOUR standard dimension, but once chosen, all must be of the same dimensions (for example, 24 x 36 cm, or event 20 x 60 cm or any other single dimension that will allow you to propose and exhibit many images in the project and give possibility to the viewer to understand and follow the primary idea of the artists. If needed by the personal single project we can also accept some images of different dimensions IF MODULAR to the chosen dimension, BUT the important is that they have to be connected by a project and  leave the possibility of making an intereand with a small format in order to allow our art director to propose a sort of single solo show, where, in a space reserved to each photographer  of approx. 2mt x 2 mt

3) the theme of your personal project must be unique and represented through the dimensions in order to allow to present many images through many photos with the aim of an overall representation of your special project

4) all works must be sent without glass (to avoid the problem of breaking) and with a simple floater (or floating) frame (see images enclosed), in order from one side to protect the photo and for the other to leave the image have some “air” around and most of all to give the possibility of an easy and correct hanging.