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Transizioni – MUST | Lecce

01 Sep 2023 - 20 Sep 2023


Historical Museum City of Lecce (Puglia) 

1-20 Settembre 2023

Via degli Ammirati,11 - 73100 LECCE - ITALY


At the end of the Summer, Monteoliveto Gallery will inaugurate a new location in its Cities of Europe project: Lecce, in the fantastic Italian region of Puglia.

In the historical heart of this baroque city, a few kilometers from the Adriatic sea, a new exhibition will take place from the 1st to the 20th of September 2023, in an astonishing location: The MUST Museum, the city’s historical museum. 

In the halls of this ancient monastery, built in the XVth century, among sculptures, paintings and other testimony of the artistic and cultural life of the city, a fantastic spaces of 140 square meters, will host our exhibition dedicated to the gallery’s main theme for this year: The ecological, cultural and artistic transition that we desperately need in this particular moment.

That is why after the success of the TransitionS exhibition in Paris, this February, we have decided to propose a reloaded version of this theme, that will take the name: Transizioni to integrate in its territorial dimension: Italy. Of course the purpose is to connect this new location to the international history of exhibition and artists that we have always had, that is why we are starting the selection for the participation in this new exciting project.

The artists that wish to participate, will create artworks dedicated to their vision of the word and concept of transitions (Transizioni in Italian), in the ecological, cultural, artistic but also introspective way. The theme is only an input, each artist will be free to imagine his/her own personal transition that he thinks he/she as a person or we need as a group, small or large as it will be.

Transizioni exhibition is also part of our gallery’s project to create a pole for contemporary art that will include not only its hometown, Napoli but also the entire Southern Italy. With this purpose we intend to create a bridge, a synergy, between this fantastic and very artistically active macro-region and focal locations for contemporary art such as: Paris, Milano and other cities in Europe and the World.

must Lecce

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