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Neapolitan Dialogues

Neapolitan Dialogues

From Novembre 20, 2023 until Gennaio 17, 2024 - Piazza G.Matteotti,7 - NAPOLI

David WHITFIELD, Max WERNER, Fred COUPRIE, Antonio Conte, Gianmaria GIANNETTI, Alissa THOR, ….. 28 November 2023 to 17 January 2024 MonteolivetoHomeGallery, Piazza Giacomo

#Through Your Lens  |                              Paris Edition

#Through Your Lens | Paris Edition

From Novembre 3, 2023 until Novembre 26, 2023 - 15 rue Saint Bernard. 11ème arrondissement - PARIGI

Justin Chan, Marlo Sarmiento, Moufida Bouamari, Nada karam, Eunnym Cho November 3 to 26, 2023 15 rue Saint Bernard. 11ème arrondissement – PARIGI Curator: 

Cities of the World

Cities of the World

From Settembre 14, 2023 until Ottobre 15, 2023 - 15 rue Saint Bernard. 11ème arrondissement - PARIGI

Justin Chan,  Fred Couprie, Milanda De Mont, Sylvie D’halluin, Kerstin Kager, Ian Kingsford-Smith, Carla Kleekamp, Fulvio Tornese, Alissa Thor, Serenella Sossi, Marlo Sarmiento, Eva Breitfuss, Moufida Bouamari, laura Chilivani, 14 September – 15 October 2023 15

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