leggende napoletane

Legends becomes Art at Monteoliveto Gallery.

For the 2023/2024 Art season, Monteoliveto Gallery starts a new program of exhibitions in its main exhibition spaces : The Home Gallery in Naples, the collaboration with Spazio Tadini in Milan and the new permanent space in the heart of Paris, near the Bastille square !

As first event of this program, we therefore launch : Leggende Napoletane (Neapolitan Legends), not only an exhibition but also a sort of festival, which with a title voluntarily inspired by the classic by Neapolitan author, Matilde Serao, will lead to tie (a little more) that cauldron of various stories, true or invented, historical or recent that make Naples one of the most fascinating cities in the world, with the borderless creativity of contemporary art.

This exhibition aims to further solidify the gallery’s bond with its hometown but also to create a synergy between the two principal cities of the Gallery : Naples and Paris. In fact this event is structured in two parts : The first one where the artworks will be exhibited at the Monteoliveto Home Gallery in Naples from the 24th of May until the 7th of July 2023 and a second one in which Naples will interact with Paris and the exhibition will take place at the Monteoliveto Gallery Paris ! So one (big) theme and two exhibitions !

How does it work ?

Each artist will choose, from the following list, the story that most stimulates him/her and will create a work inspired by it. Each work will have the same size: 40 x 40 cm and will be exhibited for the duration of the two events, in Naples and Paris. This will create a collection of works imagined by artists who have had contact with the city but also by artists who have never (yet) known it and who will therefore give it an imagined and in a certain sense legendary version.

Legends list :

  1. Parthenope (La città dell’amore) – Parthenope (The city of love)

  2. Virgilio Mago  Vergilius the Mage

  3. Il mare – The sea

  4. La leggenda dell’amore – The legend of love

  5. Il palazzo Donn’Anna – The Donn’Anna Palace

  6. Barchetta fantasma – Little ghost ship

  7. Il segreto del mago – The mage secret

  8. Donnalbina, Donna Romita, Donna Regina

  9. Lu munaciello (leggenda borghese) – The little monk (a bourgeois legend) ALREADY ATTRIBUTED

  10. Il diavolo di Mergellina – Mergellina’s devil

  11. Megaride – Megaris ALREADY ATTRIBUTED

  12. Il Cristo Morto – The dead Christ

  13. Provvidenza, buona speranza – Providence, good hope

  14. Leggenda di Capodimonte – Legend of Capodimonte ALREADY ATTRIBUTED

  15. Leggenda dell’avvenire – The legend of the future

During the exhibitions time, a series of weekly cultural appointments will be held at the Monteoliveto Home Gallery in Naples and at the Monteoliveto Gallery Paris, that will deepen the theme of Neapolitan and other legends.

This will also continue the Monteoliveto Gallery project to place Naples more and more on the contemporary map and to bring international contemporary art into contact with the exciting and enthusiastic Neapolitan scene.

Finally, the exhibition will also be part of the general trend chosen by the Monteoliveto Gallery to define its events in this year, the ecological, cultural and artistic Transition that is increasingly needed today!

The participation includes the following services

  • exhibition space dedicated to the artist’s works

  • brochure/catalog dedicated to the event both paper or digital (flippable)

  • assisting with customs formalities, international shipping quotes and local transport

  • the design and printing of invitation cards, posters

  • the global and local press office, publicity, press, banners, etc.

  • the realization of the exhibition website page and dedicated press releases

  • mounting and dismounting of the exhibition

  • exhibition opening event with drinks and food

  • multiple special events dedicated to discovery of the exhibition by the public

  • a dedicated interview published on the Monteoliveto Gallery website and spread on our social networks

Artists interested in taking part in our shows are free to be sponsored and supported by institutions, organizations, governments, and their representatives; the logos of their sponsors will be included in all the communication (digital and print) of the events.

Artists, photographers, video makers, and performers are invited to submit their works and their website, hereIf selected, we will send you back the participation fee and modalities.

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