MadforNaples … and SommaVesuvio – 2

“San Gennaro-or Vesuvius-and miracles”

19 artists again to dive in the Neapolitan mind
2nd edition 2017-2021

“Saint Janvier n’aurai pas existé sans Naples,
et Naples non pourrait plus exister sans saint Janvier “
Alexandre Dumas père

Discovering and deepening this “Neapolitanity” is the aim of this second edition of the project “MadforNaples and … forSommaVesuvio-2“, giving artists the opportunity to go beyond aesthetics, in the heart of our civilization, by imbibing our more characteristic sensations : the miracles of St. Gennaro protector of Naples. Divinity, misfortune and miracles are essential elements of Neapolitanism, characterized by traditions and legends, more or less sacred and more or less pagan rituals; the Neapolitans still live with the relationship with San Gennaro as if it were a pagan divinity, according to the canons of Greek culture, just as the Vesuvians live with the Madonna and for them a divinity far away from everyday life it is not conceivable.

During the first edition 22 “Crazy Artists”, a group of 22 artists, all women from the farthest corners of the world have left their impressions and emotions pointing out the appreciation for the “art of living” and the importance of understanding our particular philosophy of life. This experience has been consolidated and increased by relaunching the project at the end of 2017. This new edition, which once again sees the full sharing of the Association Vesuviani in Cammino, develops with renewed interest and with new peculiarities, along several lines of deepening: places , itineraries and routes, traditions and identity and local productions, with the aim of highlighting what really constitutes “the Parthenopean and Vesuvian spirituality”

The project provides for the participation of the following 19 international artists who stayed in Naples and the Vesuvian area for 2 weeks with a program of cultural knowledge of local realities :

Thérèse BOISCLAIR (Canada) • Talia DUCLOS (Perù) • Lis ENGEL (Denmark) • Danisa GLUSEVIC (Chile) • Martin JOYCE (USA) • Kerstin KAGER (Austria) • Volkmar KELLERMANN (Germany) • Alexandra KHAN (Switzerland) • Bénédicte KLENE (France) •  Jana MASIK (Czechoslovakia) • Micaela PAGENER (Germany) • Sanne RASMUSSEN (Denmark) • Cynthia RUSE (USA) • Annette SCHREIBER (Germany) • Serenella SOSSI (Italy/France) • Gabriella TARANTO (Italy) • Christiane TURECZEK (Switzerland) • Fu WENJUN (China) • Yolaine WUEST (France) •

A final exhibition closing event for the presentation of the works created – postponed in 2021 due to Covid situation –  is now scheduled from May 28 to June 7, 2021, in the prestigious site of Castel dell’Ovo in Naples, hosted by the wonderful cultural location fo the Sala delle Carceri, that will show in a very special presentation the works realized by each artist. During the event, the artists will be invited to illustrate their experience on our territory and convey to the territory their personal, distinctive, international look on the contemporary world of visual arts.