Napoli …  Imaginée

The concept

Monteoliveto Gallery is always in search of new original ways to promote its artists and in those particular and difficult times that doesn’t allow us to travel nor to exhibit in presence, we decided to experiment something different to stimulate our creativity. So in our Cities of Europe project we launch an exhibition dedicated to our mother city: Napoli!
The idea it’s not to depict the city as we know it but as it is imaginated by the artists. Some of them have been here, some of them live here and others never set foot in it.
That is why the name of the exhibition is: Napoli…Imaginée, a bridge, even in language, between countries.
To put this to work MG proposed to the artists a simple process: a text which is part of a little story, without photos, that describes a zone of Napoli with the aim of creatingan original artwork inspired by these words. Artworks in a light format (paper or light, small canvas) its purpose being to travel to and through the city. Photographed in situ,they meet the zone that they represent.

The exhibition

Virtual presentation of the exhibition March, 29th at the Monteoliveto Home Gallery in Naples.
Event visible on Monteoliveto Gallery website, MG Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.
The first open exhibition welcomes the 11 artists who accepted the challenge: Dominique Jeanne Benguigui, Pascale Binant, Moufida Bouamari, Audrey Christ, Ama Diamante, Giulia Giannola,  Andréa Lu, Janus, Alissa Thor, Richard Tisserant and Ciro Vignes. Others will follow.
Discover their works, the story and the city with these intriguing words:
What was the sense of this trip? They were asking it to themselves…as the countryside slowly left place to the sea in their train windows. Things have been a little bitharsh in these last months and they needed to escape the routine. The choice of the location took a little bit of time but they finally matched on a decision…This city was on their list since long time, they had different echoes from different peoples or from the medias: “It’s wonderful” “People are so warm” “Oh it’s messy” “Too many garbage on the streets…” “I saw it on tv it seems lovely but they say it’s kind of dangerous”. One day a friend, who was from there, told them “You can hate it or you canlove it, there is no middle in my city, but you have to go there to know it”….
And so there they were on a train directed to…Napoli, while the sun sat on the Mediterranean Sea…
Was it the right choice…? They will know once there.